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We’ve all been through (or are going through) difficult and painful things.  Some things, in time, will be resolved.  Other things won’t be resolved this side of heaven.  As I hear things in the news, events happening in my own family, and painful things occurring with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances, sometimes it gets to be too much.  I feel so helpless: what can I do?  I have limited time, energy, and knowledge.  How can I best help?

I looked back to see how I dealt with some of the most difficult and painful things in my own life.  Oftentimes, even with the well meaning words of friends and family, I remember the aching pain that could only be filled, at times, with music.  In those loneliest and painful times, I’d hear the right music at the right time, and it touched a part of me like words alone could not do.  Here, on this page, are some of the music I’ve encountered which helped (and still helps) me.  I hope it helps you too.

These are in no particular order, but I list them with some background to give some color to what you hear.  Please check back often, because I’ll be adding to this page.  I hope it blesses you :).


Remind me who I am – Jason Gray.  This is a song I go back to that really reminds me who I am, my identity.  I forget this so often.  I need to be reminded every day.

Fighting for me – Riley Clemmons.  I listened to this when I was struggling through a really difficult day.  I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle all day.  And then I remembered there is someone who was fighting alongside me — fighting for me.  Day in and day out, I wasn’t fighting these battles alone.

Fighting for me – Riley Clemmons. Piano version of the song, beautifully rendered.

Reckless love – Cory Asbury.  A powerful message of God’s love.  Good to soak it in, and remind ourselves of it.  So simple, and yet so powerful!

Symphony  – Switch.  Relaxing beat, and reminder that even in all the chaos, God is bringing about something beautiful in you and me.

Till I found you – Phil Wickham.  Steady rhythm to get lost in, and focus on the only thing that lasts forever.

Safe – Phil Wickham.  A beautiful song about being safe in the arms of the Savior.

Lean on – 7eventh Time Down. This is a song I listen to when I’m weary beyond words.

No Longer Slaves – I Am They.  One of my favorite songs. Whenever I feel the cords of stress try to strangle me, this song helps unwind them and reminds me that I have nothing to fear.

No Longer Slaves – Zach Williams.  Rendition by Zach Williams, done at Harding Prison. Powerful and moving, especially seeing the inmates singing and praising God!

Don’t try so hard – Amy Grant.  I can relate to this song on so many levels. As a Category 5 people pleaser, I’m in the process of recovering from this addictive and harmful way of living life, and trying to “earn” God’s love.

Better than a Hallelujah – Amy Grant.  Another song that hits me deep.  Sometimes, rather than all our righteous acts to earn his favor, all God wants is an authentic cry for help. In the end, that’s all we can really do. He so achingly longs to help, but he won’t impose it.  But He’ll come running the minute you half-breathe a faint cry for help . . . He knows us better than we know ourselves.

The Rougher Edge

Believe it or not, I do like these songs as well 😉 . My husband, who is a classical music geek, isn’t too much into these songs, but enjoys them with me.  These songs have more angst, rap, and harder-hitting bases and beats.  I didn’t initially enjoy this type of music, but got into it to channel the harder-to-deal-with emotions.  Without the rougher songs, many people would not have–literally–made it through life.  So I am thankful for these artists . .

Every time you run – Manafest.  I’ll let the song speak for itself.  (Some graphic images of a car accident).

Don’t waste your life – Lecrae.  Powerful, heavy rap about not wasting our life.

Be somebody – Thousand Foot Krutch.  The softer side of Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK). Thoughtful lyrics and self reflection on being known, and knowing ourselves.

“Shape of You” (if it were a Christian song) – Beckah Shae.  Fun and insightful.  Really like the artist making a cover of this popular song, and making it about her relationship with God.

Praise and Worship

There is nothing like praise and worship music to draw us powerfully into the presence of God. There is a lot of wonderful songs out there . . . I put this category last, because people who are not yet Christians may be hesitant to delve into the richness here.  However, just because it’s last doesn’t mean it is in any way inferior!  Many of this songs have put words and music to feelings that were initially just a whisper in the heart.

Way Maker – Leeland.  Beautiful and powerful, there is only one who makes the way.

Spirit of the Living God – Vertical Worship.  Only when God moves can anything happen.  When God moves, it is supernatural, and something outside of what people can do.

This is a Move – Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs Leonard.



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