Sabbath Rest – Ways to Recharge

We all need sabbath rest – ways to recharge.  I don’t believe sabbath rest means recharging spiritually only.  God not only cares about us spiritually, he cares about us as a whole–mentally, emotionally, and physically as well.  In the same way, God does not provide sabbath rest for just our spiritual being.  He wants to recharge us as a whole.

He knows what he’s doing.  He knows we need it. We all have our burdens to carry, and we can’t keep going without a break.  We need a balance of work, rest, and play.

God promised us sabbath rest . . . what does that mean?

Spiritual rest

* Be thankful.  Simple, but powerful.  Instead of grumbling and focusing on what your husband or wife didn’t do, focus on what he or she did.  Instead of focusing on all the things you’re not, focus on all the good things God made you to be.

* Learn to receive.  Have quiet time, alone time with God.  Even if it’s only for a minute. Receive from him.  Let him fill you . . . still you.  Especially for women, it’s so hard to receive . . . we’re so used to giving.  We can’t receive because we feel it is selfish.  It’s ok to receive.  Receive, than reflect on what you’re thankful for, even if you only have a 30 second breather before someone needs you.

* Learn to be.  It’s ok to be yourself.  You don’t need to act more spiritual or godly, or that you have it all together (hint: most people don’t).  God knows where we are.  He prefers honesty about where you are rather than pretend to be someone that you aren’t.  Isn’t it tiring trying to be someone you’re not?  Be yourself!

Mental rest

* Focus on the good:  fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise,” as Philippians 4:8 says.  These days we are absolutely bombarded with information, news, and other distressing information, and it promotes anxiety.  We should be aware of, and pray for what is going around us . . . but focus and be concerned about what’s in front of you.  That is what you’re responsible for.

* Instead of worry, trust.  God takes care of the important things.

* Forgive and move on.  People will disappoint you, and hurt you.  People have bad days, and are human, fragile, and weak.  People get tired, moody, cranky, and hormonal.  People won’t say sorry.  But forgive anyway and move on – it will actually free you.

* Forgive yourself.  You will make mistakes, and disappoint and hurt others.  You have bad days, and are human, fragile, and weak.  You get tired, moody, cranky, and hormonal.  And sometimes, you don’t want to say sorry, and just feel sorry for yourself.  That’s ok.  Accept where you are . . . we’ve all been there.  Let God meet you there, and let go.

Emotional rest

* It’s ok, you don’t have to save the whole world.  For the empathetic types, that’s your gift.  You’re going to want to make it better.  Heal those wounds.  But give yourselves a break.  God did not call you to shoulder the burdens of the whole world, all the time.  That’s his job, and you’re not God.  He can shoulder this much better than you.

* Enjoy the gift of music.  There is a world to be discovered in music.  Listen to what lifts you up . . . music can touch you in ways that other things cannot.

* Laugh.  Stop being so serious all the time.  Yes, we live in a painful, serious world.  Yes, those problems are serious.  But it’s ok to laugh and be silly at times.  I don’t think God minds.  I think he even laughs at times, and it’s ok to share a little fun with him – and others.

Physical rest

* Sleep.  Simple, but so overlooked!  When I’m at that edge and about to lose it, I speak to my husband or kid as little as possible, and tell them we (or I) need to go to sleep – right now!  Too often, sleep-deprived words have cut too many a soul (been there and done that!)

* Find ways to move, breathe.  Sitting and looking at the blue screen on that computer will not make that headache go away.  Go outside, get some air, drink some water.  Let your blood flow.

* Hug.  Oftentimes, when I had a fight with my husband, or had it out with my child, I open my arms and ask for a hug.  Something about skin-to-skin, human contact.  Squeeze, kiss, caress.  (I often think that’s why petting and hugging dogs can be therapeutic.)

* Eat good food.  Studies have shown, that eating cheese doodles makes you angrier.  Really.  Eating fruits and vegetables increases energy, blood flow and mood.

God wants us to be rested, whole, and recharged, so we can do what he’s called for us to do on earth.  Whether to be a mom, dad, worker, or (fill-in-the-blank).   It’s that special mission that he has called you to.  The world may not think much of it, but that does not matter.  If he’s called you to it, it’s important to him, and that’s what matters.  And the best part is, you don’t do it alone – it’s a tag-team effort . . . with him!

Question to consider:  What charges you up?

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