The Music page (part 2)

A while ago, I created The Music page to share some of the music that have encouraged me during difficult times. It’s been a while since I shared that post, so wanted to share a “part 2” for additional music. These music have themes of graduation (congratulations to all the grads!), friends, identity, and more. Some have references to God, relationships, and going through different stages of life. Many are harder-edged, with the music and message about strength in the midst of difficulty. Other music is tender.

Music expresses the human experience and is one way God gifts us to creatively communicate the travails and joys of life. We may struggle with different trials and situations, but the common human experience is not that different from one another, if we are brave enough to share.

I hope you enjoy this page and find glimpses of God in the music. Blessings.


Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C. A graduation song. Fun and nostalgic.

Our farewell song – Songs for School. A touching song for graduates.

Run to you – Lacey Sturm. Soft and slow song, reflecting God’s aching heart.

Awaken love – Lacey Sturm. Harder-edged, raw, beautiful, powerful. (The imagery was frightening to me at first, but don’t let it distract you from the words and music).

Ashes of Eden – Breaking Benjamin. Reflective, haunting.

Cold blooded – Zayde Wolf. More like a fighting song.

Not gonna die – Skillet. Definitely a harder-edged song, so skip if this isn’t your thing. This song helped me when I was struggling and felt alone.

Rise – Skillet. I hesitated to share this song. It seemed too close to our present day. I listened to this many years ago but am reminded today that the best way to fight evil is not through violence but on my knees, sticking close to God.

Halo – Starset. A sci-fi themed song, but pretty epic melody.

Set me on fire – Thousand Foot Krutch. An upbeat song about God’s love (or love interest).

Courtesy call – Thousand Foot Krutch. Another harder-edged song. Motivating and gets me going.

Which ones are your favorite? Are there songs you like not on this list? Feel free to share in the comments 🙂

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